About Us

Chapter History

The Kappa Alpha Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity can trace its roots back to two Marietta College local fraternities.  One local fraternity known as Tau Sigma Tau was founded in 1920, and became a Theta Kappa Nu chapter in 1925. Another local known as Nu Phi would merge into the TKN chapter in 1939, 14 years after its founding. Theta Kappa Nu merged with Lambda Chi Alpha in 1939, and issued the Kappa Alpha designation to Marietta’s chapter.  After leaving campus in the mid 1990’s, Kappa Alpha Zeta returned in the Fall of 2002.

National History

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity was founded in 1909 at Boston University by Warren Cole.  In 1939, the Fraternity merged with Theta Kappa Nu Fraternity, adopting its ritual to our associate membership ceremony.  In the 1970’s, the Fraternity abolished pledging, offering new members nearly all the rights and privileges of a full member.  Today, Lambda Chi has nearly 200 active chapters across the United States and Canada.  Featuring over 275,000 initiated members, Lambda Chi Alpha is one of the largest fraternities in North America.

Seven Core Values

All members of Lambda Chi Alpha hold sever core values closest to their hearts.  Brothers of the Fraternity strive to live by Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service and Stewardship, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage in everything they do.  Lambda Chi Alpha defines those seven core values as follows:


Establishes the correct order of our obligations and commitments. Unswerving allegiance to the organization and its laws, ideals, and defining principles prevent us from misplacing our loyalties.


Delineates the sum total of all laws, rules, and customs that make up our organizational, civic, and moral obligations. Our values originate with duty because we expect individuals, as a minimum, to fulfill their obligations. We often expect individuals to exceed their duty, especially in ethical matters.


Denotes the regard and recognition of the absolute dignity that every human possesses. Specifically, respect indicates compassion for and consideration of others, including sensitivity regard for the feelings and needs of others.

Service & Stewardship

Signifies the proper ordering of priorities. The welfare of the organization comes before the individual’s personal gain. While the focus is on service to Lambda Chi Alpha and broader communities, the idea also incorporates the concept of stewardship – holding something of value in trust for others.


Describes the complex of all values that make up the public code of the individual. Significantly, honor provides the motive for action and demands adherence to a public moral code – not protection of reputation.


Encompasses the sum total of a person’s set of values – his private moral code. A breach of any of these values will damage the individual’s integrity. Integrity, closely related to the word integer, refers to a notion of completeness or wholeness.

Personal Courage

Depicts the premier virtue that enables us to persevere despite fear, danger, or adversity. Personal courage includes the notion of taking responsibility for decisions and actions. Additionally, it involves the ability to perform critical self-assessment, to confront new ideas and to change.